Electric installation work


Electrical installation and commercial electrician near me is a combination of different types of activities carried out during the construction, as well as reconstruction of buildings, connection (wiring) of electrical networks and electrical equipment in houses, apartments, offices. Designed to provide the building with power supply, electrical equipment, as well as heat supply and water supply.

Who does the electrical installation?

Electrical services greeley co is carried out only by highly qualified specialists (residential electrician greeley co) in the field of electrical installation: designers, electrical engineers. All electricians must have a permit group IV, and regularly undergo safety checks. Each employee must perform his duties with great responsibility, since not only the comfort and convenience of the residents, but also their safety, depends on the quality of the electrical installation performed by him.

How to do it?

In order to connect to power grids, it is necessary to go through a number of stages: obtaining technical specifications in an energy organization (company) that provides power supply, for connecting electricity, creating a power supply project, searching for an electrical services company (greeley electrician near me) who will perform all electrical work, taking into account the wishes and requirements of the client.

The power supply (power supply) project is a preparatory stage for performing electrical work and a list of materials necessary for this, according to which it will be possible to calculate the estimated cost for materials and installation work.

The main stages of electrical work:

As a rule, electrical work is divided into three stages:

The first stage of electrical work includes: marking, drawing up a wiring diagram, mechanical work, laying wires (cables), grounding, installing distribution cabinets, putting in socket boxes.

Laying of wires (cables) can be done in two ways:

Hidden — a type of wiring, the installation of which is carried out in furrows under a layer of plaster. It is used in modern construction works for residential buildings due to the highest degree of operational safety.

Open — when the cable is laid directly on the surface of walls and ceilings. This type is used in garden houses and technical rooms.

Grounding is a mandatory element of the wiring; it will protect the house and electrical equipment from short circuits, lightning strikes or voltage surges.

Ground loop — a group of shallow vertical electrodes connected by a horizontal conductor, mounted near the object.

The second stage is carried out after finishing the walls, floors and ceilings. It includes the delivery, assembly and installation of electrical equipment. The main electrical work is carried out: wiring, installation of lighting, installation of sockets and switches, connection to distribution boards, etc.

The third stage is commissioning: checking the compliance of the mounted electrical installation with design documentation and the rules for performing electrical work, debugging relay protection devices and automatic control systems for electric drives, etc.

To carry out all stages of electrical installation, special equipment is required, as well as strict adherence to all safety standards.

The quality of the electrical work performed should not be underestimated: a short circuit can not only cause a fire and entail material losses, but also a serious danger to human life. In addition, many have faced the problem of an unexpected power outage; when working on a computer, all unsaved information disappears.

In this regard, in recent years, electrical work (in particular, such as diagnostics of electrical wiring) have become more and more popular. Professional electrical work allows not only to prevent various short circuits and fires, but also to improve the operation of all electrical circuits in the house.


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